Portland Judo Fitteds!

Portland Judo

Well, I finally gone and done it. I finally created, designed, and sold my first New Era 59Fifty. Other than the two Kanji characters, I created this hat from top to bottom. I must say, it’s an awesome custom piece and a super fun experience. The two Kanji characters stand for “Judo” and I made these caps exclusively for my judo club team mates and students over at Portland Judo. The cool thing about these hats is that they were sold out before they were even shipped to me! Below are some more photos!

Portland Judo

Portland Judo2

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World Series?

So I guess the 2012 World Series happened last night? I never know these things. My baseball knowledge is about as bad as can be, I can’t even name three people who are playing in this current World Series! However, I did notice that I own the caps of both the teams playing. The San Francisco Giants lid I’m sporting is from the West Coast gurus over at Upper Playground and the Detroit Tigers hat is from Cranium Fitteds. I got it last year during their epic Cyber Monday sale. Forget baseball, unless it involves the NFL or grappling, I ain’t even interested.


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Wooly Mua

FITTED HAWAI’I is a dangerous site. Dangerous if you have a taste for rare and extremely limited edition 59Fifty’s. Don’t believe me? Check out my newest purchase from the 808 State outfitters. Their popular Mua design gets hit with four different shades of Grey thread which is then embroidered on a crown of Grey wool. A Black visor keeps the piece looking dark while the Red undervisor gives it some much needed color. Cool story about this piece, I bought this fitted online and it ended up being the very last one in it’s size. After my purchase I refreshed the page and the size was no longer available. SCORE!

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Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are set to be the target of the newest season of HBO’s popular Hard Knocks series. Hard Knocks is a reality series that takes a viewer in to the heart of an NFL training camp. Teams that have participated in the past has included the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, and Cincinnati Bengals. As a huge NFL fan, I absolutely love the Hard Knocks series! Along with the Hard Knocks series, there is also talk of the Dolphins changing their logo in 2013. Check the link for more logo info.

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